Slough Creek Vineyard

Slough Creek Vineyard (Oskaloosa, KS)

Amid a hunt for winemaking equipment and Kansas grapes, the team at Aubrey Vineyards discovered this former Kansas winery and mature vineyard near Oskaloosa that was for sale. In late 2012, Aubrey Vineyards acquired this 60 acre property. Grapes grown there in 2013 were then used to start wine production in Overland Park, Kansas. The vineyard has continued to provide highquality grapes for the production of Kansas wine by Aubrey Vineyards.
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Now that the Overland Park vineyard has started producing grapes, we have listed this property for sale, including a 5 acre vineyard, a 4 bedroom residence, various outbuildings and a combined winery/tasting room building that’s visible from Highway 92, which runs between Oskaloosa and Perry Lake. To inquire about purchasing this property, contact [email protected]

History of the Area

The Oskaloosa vineyard is located on land that was part of the Delaware Indian reservation. Created on land previously occupied by the native Kanza Indians, the reservation was established by a treaty in 1829 and encompassed more than 220,000 acres. It included the area where today these towns are located: Tonganoxie, Bonner Springs, Basehor, Linwood, McLouth, Perry and Oskaloosa. The Delaware Indians had trails, cabins and farms here, and though many subsisted by farming, the majority continued to live as hunters.

Coincidental with the establishment of Ft. Riley in 1853, a military road was created to supply Ft. Riley (located near Manhattan, Kansas) from Ft. Leavenworth. The road ran primarily along the Indian trails and passed by north of our vineyard on the way to Ozawkie.

In 1855, settlers from Iowa purchased land from the Indians and established the town of Oskaloosa. They named it after a town by the same name in Iowa. It is situated on gently sloping hills extending back from the south bank of Big Slough Creek. At this time the total Indian population on the reservation was approximately 900. As farming in Kansas became more developed, it turned out the Delaware Indian reservation was on some of the most fertile and valuable land in Kansas. More of this land became available for settlers between 1855 and 1861, when various treaties and agreements with the government resulted in each member of the Delaware tribe receiving 80 acres and the remaining land being sold for approximately $750,000. This made the Delawares the richest Indian tribe in Kansas (that was a lot of money in those days).

By the turn of the century, Oskaloosa had become the Jefferson County seat and boasted two railroads – the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe and the Missouri Pacific. It also supported a high school, churches of nearly every denomination, and many lines of business, including banks, newspapers, a saw and grist mill, electric light plant, an ice and canning factory, and a bridle bit factory. Local farmers produced grain and other products in large quantities. The population in Oskaloosa in 1910 reached 850. The current population is about 1100.

The vineyard in Oskaloosa is about 1.5 miles northwest of Oskaloosa on Highway 92, and is bordered by Big Slough Creek on the northwest. Up the creek about ¾ of a mile east of the vineyard is the location of the Battle of Slough Creek, one of the border wars. Just a short ride west of the vineyard is Perry Lake. Completed in 1966, it is the third largest lake in Kansas, covering 12,200 acres and having over 160 miles of shoreline.